Bysteel completes a 6 million euro work project in Paris


Bysteel, a dst group company, completed its intervention in the A9B building, an imposing office complex in Paris, France, where it was responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of the metal structure project. With a 22 400m2 construction area, the project represents a turnover of 6 million euro.

Located on the left bank of the River Seine, the A9B project is a 9-storey -story office building, built over the railway line, close to the Austerlitz station. The complex support structure of the building over the rail line, materialized in the first two floors of the building, weighing 470 ton, about 20% of the building’s total weight. The development includes parking, commercial areas, a restaurant and a conference room, in addition to the offices and meeting rooms.

Bysteel was chosen to execute this project, which kicked off in August 2015, for submitting an innovative and ambitious proposal, where the ability to develop more affordable alternative solutions, as well as the quality of production and assembly of structures with EXC3 execution class were highly valued.

For José Teixeira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the dst Group, “conquering this contract in France two years ago significantly reinforced bysteel’s position in the French market. Since then, we have won large-scale contracts - such as airports, office buildings, stadiums and entertainment infrastructure, amongst other structures -, as a result of our profile, based on our technical expertise and know-how, and our rigorous compliance with the clients’ timings and specifications, but above all, because we present innovative turnkey solutions in the market”. Bysteel currently has several projects underway in France, expecting a significant growth of their client base in that European market.

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