Portuguese company chosen to decorate the stage of the Paris Olympic Games

bysteelfs, a dstgroup company, won a contract with a value
of five million euros for the construction of the architectural
envelope of the Arena Porte de la Chapelle.
This arena will serve as a stage for the badminton and
gymnastics events of the Olympic Games in 2024 and for
badminton and weightlifting events at the 2024
Paralympic Games taking place in Paris, France.
The contract signed with Bouygues is part of an
operation valued at one hundred and thirty six million
euros promoted by the Parisian council. The architecture
jointly conceived by the offices SCAU and NP2F comprise
a façade of approximately ten thousand square meters of
aluminium, glass and composite material, whose design and
execution is the responsibility of bysteelfs and it will be built
and complete in five months. The work will be ready in the
summer of 2023.
In total, the infrastructure of twenty six thousand square meters
will have a room with a capacity for eight thousand spectators, two
gyms for the residents of the poorer local communities,
and a leisure and commercial area with two thousand six hundred square
meters. Three thousand square meters of green areas will be
created, six thousand square meters of gardens in the roof areas
and an area with panoramic views over the city.
The reduction of the environmental impact was a
challenge of the utmost importance both in the project
and in the management of this work. More than 95% of
the nine hundred and forty four tons of waste produced in construction
will be recycled and 45% of the concrete used is low carbon,
reducing the emission of one thousand three hundred tons of CO2. In addition,
parts of the non-bearing walls will be built
with blocks of earth and the eight thousand chairs for
spectators will be made from seventy tons of plastic
waste collected from the nearest blocks.
“Participating in a project with this level of environmental
concern is very important for us because it is an
opportunity to confirm the paradigm shift in the
construction. More and more is being invested in
innovation, in the search for more efficient and
sustainable. It is in this greener future that bysteel and
bysteelfs are put.” comments Rodrigo Araújo, ceo at
After the 2024 Olympic Games, the Arena Porte de la
Chapelle will be Paris' home Basketball, the biggest
basketball club in the French capital, and will also
function as the cultural hub in the north of the city
serving as a stage for great shows.
“France is one of the great shipyards in Europe” France
was the market for which in 2012 bysteel started its
process of internationalization in Europe. In 2012, the
first contract, with a value of two hundred and fifty thousand euros,
opened doors to what is now the geography with the highest
volume of business for bysteel and bysteel fs. With more than one
hundred and fifty contracts signed in France, we regularly
work in partnership with major construction companies
such as Vinci, Bouygues, and Eiffage.
The business portfolio of bysteel and bysteelfs in this
geography in the current year exceeds fifty
million euros. This amount includes iconic works
such as the renovation of the office property PB10 (now
Altiplano), in the financial center of La Defense, or the
LDLC Arena, in Lyon, which will be the largest venue
outside Paris and will have the capacity to sixteen thousand