Richard Roger’s Gallery

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The final act of Sir Richard Rogers before his formal farewell to architecture... a gravity-defying gallery that is suspended in the air.
No one is left unimpressed by this project's structural steel, which in bold orange contrasts beautifully with the surrounding green sand and blue sky. In addition to the structural steel entrusted to bysteel, bysteel fs was responsible for all the cladding and facade systems. Only in this way could the compatibility between the interfaces and the demanding constructive tolerances of this work of art be guaranteed.
In order to avoid any possible error and ensure its feasibility, the structure was pre-assembled in bysteel’s industrial unit. Upon delivery to site, the assembly of the elements was done without the assistance of equipment, a task in which bysteel’s technicians were both scientists and artisans.

© Ricardo Oliveira Alves

Country | Year

Aix en Provence, France 2021


Richard Rogers


Château La Coste


Château La Coste


90t metallic structures
facade systems


Dezeen Awards 2022_Small Building of the Year