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Designed by architects Daniel Badani and Pierre Roux-Dorlut in 1975, they were renovated by Pritzker Dominique Perrault in 2016.
Now called Citylights due to the luminous bracelets that embrace these towers, they mark the night skyline of Paris.
With this refresh, Dominique Perrault seeks to anchor the Citylights to the block where they are located. To this end, he equipped them with several spaces for shops, day care centers, restaurants and an auditorium.
This operation involved the construction of a new 13-storey tower, occasional reinforcement of the floors of the existing towers and a support structure for the new window frames. All metal structures were in charge of bysteel, from conception and design to assembly.

Country | Year

Paris, France 2015


Dominique Perrault et Associées


BNP Paribas


GCC | Rabot Dutilleul


800t steel structures